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Tackling the Emerging Demands of Modern Healthcare Systems.



01 / FAST

Patients can no longer be passive participants in their healthcare. Demands on the traditional healthcare systems are rising as population growth, aging and migration patterns increase. It is obvious that a new approach is needed. Digital health technologies offer ways to self-manage health, with a focus on preventing disease and illness rather than simply treating them. 


Nexus - Vita has compiled a group of cutting edge technologies that, when combined, provide a next generation ehealth platform that boasts a range of e-medical services for diseases and medical conditions. These services are uniquely combined to provide health professionals and patients with a self-learning means of communication, diagnosis and management that will provide both sides with pertinent and evolving information.

03 / EASY

Ultimately this platform will provide a higher and more sustainable level of quality and safety for patients, while simultaneously reducing costs to public health infrastructures. 

For the Patients

For the Healthcare Professionals


N e x u s - V i t a



Nexus - Vita is developing a user accessible, self-diagnosing e-passport for medical and wellness management. Nexus – Vita's management team consists of experienced professionals with an extensive track record, and a commitment to transparency, integrity and teamwork.


Nexus - Vita knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Nexus - Vita offers ways to self-manage health, with a focus on preventing illnesses rather than simply treating them.


Nexus - Vita has compiled a group of cutting edge and proven technology platforms that, when combined, will provide a groundbreaking and comprehensive range of e-medical services for specific disease and medical conditions that can be overseen by patients medical providers in a controlled environment.


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